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The Global Indian News Network (TGINN)

The news you always wanted to experience

TGINN comes into being to network Indians and Indian communities overseas globally for news and to explore opportunities in building relationships for business and trading.

India has a rich tradition, culture and heritage. We have a strong legacy to build and grow. We desire to let this initiative be a pioneer in integrating the Indian community globally. Let this be a vehicle to source and collect and pool talent, thoughts, create brands from achievements and innovations. We are building teams to reach this vision.

We are not a business but a dedicated group of people who attempt to be the catalyst to bring the necessary changes into India and create a strong connect between the Indians globally. We drive the roadmap of a “Change Maker”.

TGINN offers in addition to this a platform for opportunities, branding, networking, building teams. We invite all Indian origin people globally to connect with us and share our success and experience India in India and globally.

Our initiative starts with Media. Every person has in their own a capacity to accommodate News and Cinema, the two most effective vehicles which dive deep into the hearts and mind of people and create a plethora of impacts and energies. Our attempt is to harness these energies for positive growth and brand.

Our active teams of journalist and network reach out to source the news experience. We invite our partners, advisors, columnist, and contributors (Subject Matter Experts to share their content on our platform)

For all those out there who have a passion in media and need a vehicle and platform, we invite you to reach us on admin.tgin@gmail.com

You can share your news with us on press.tgin@gmail.com and editor.tgin@gmail.com

As the Founder I take this opportunity to “Thank” all my friends and well wishers who have trained me, enabled opportunities, help network with right people and supported me in exploring and perusing my vision… R Sayed.

Stay tuned with us to experience news and networking differently. “Its Different” and “It Works”


For connecting Indian people with Overseas Indians globally, for networking and exchange opportunity. You can share your innovations, achievements, and awards with us for publicity on our website news portal or reach us to contribute articles and any other content. Our e-mail is editor.tgin@gmail.com