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Ground Breaking AAPI’s Global Healthcare Summit in Mumbai concludes with Amitabh Bachchan as Ambassador

Mumbai (Jan. 05, 2015): The ground breaking 9thannual Global Healthcare Summit (GHS) 2015 organized by the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) concluded here on Sunday, January 4th, 2015 with the pledge by Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bachchan committing to be the Ambassador of AAPI’s campaigns to create awareness on Head Injury, Trauma, and Hepatitis In India. In this three day conference, the first day was marked by top political leaders addressing the international delegates, the second day was marked by top notch medical curriculum which extended to the third day. There was a concurrent forum devoted to Healthcare and Hospital CEOs where over fifty of the top echelon in the health industry had a brain storming session. Research and Poster Presentations and ECFMG/Visa seminar was held the KEM Hospital, Parel Mumbai

In his welcome address, Dr. Ravi Jahagirdar, President of AAPI, gave a brief introduction into the making of the Global Healthcare Summit. “Global Healthcare Summit held annually in India across the states in partnership with the Indian Medical Association (IMA), and Medical Council of India (MCI), with the cooperation from the Ministry of Health and Overseas Indian Affairs, has come to be recognized for the many initiatives it has given birth to and the numerous joint recommendations of the standard of care for major diseases affecting the people of India,” he said.

Earlier, Hon. Shri Vidyasagar Rao, Governor of Maharashtra, inaugurated the Summit attended by nearly 500 delegates from around the world and India with the lighting of the
traditional lamp at the Trident Hotel, Nariman Point in Mumbai on Thursday, January 2nd, 2015.

 “You are leading luminaries, excelling in the medical field, contributing to make a positive impact in the healthcare sector through your dedication, commitment, knowledge and skills,” Hon’able Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda, India’s Minister For Health, told the hundreds of international delegates.

Devendra Fadnavis, the Hon’able Chief Minister of the state of Maharashtra, in his address to the international delegates, promised whole-hearted support to the initiatives of AAPI in the state of Maharashtra and help AAPI set up an Office in Mumbai.

“I pledge my support for these campaigns and commit myself towards the achievement of AAPI’s worthy goals.  I am here with you for these campaigns and in any other campaign you might undertake and if my face and voice can be instrumental in propagating these efforts, I would gladly lend the same” said Bachchan, whiledeclaring his whole hearted support to AAPI’s initiatives in these vial areas.

Expressing confidence in the knowledge, skills and experiences of the Indian American physicians, the Bollywood Superstar said, “I am quite certain that with your expertise and the skills that you possess we shall be able to eradicate most of what you have come here for.”His Highness the Maharaja Gaj Singh II of Marwar-Jodhpur, while lauding the efforts of AAPI, commented Amitabh Bachchan for his agreeing to be the face of AAPI’s campaign to create awareness of the need to eradicate Hepatitis and prevent trauma and head injury. 

In his inaugural address, the Governor applauded the achievements and contributions of Indian American physicians in the healthcare field in the United States and for their love for their motherland, which has made them come back to make a positive difference in the healthcare delivery system in India.Describing physicians of Indian origin as “most required Indians,” the Governor urged AAPI to identify ways to make healthcare reach the remotest villages in the state of Maharashtra, and to explore ways to make healthcare women-centered, which is pivotal to the health of the nation and will help in reducing maternal mortality. “If AAPI wants to establish or offer any educational opportunities in the state of Maharashtra, I commit my full cooperation in the areas of continuing medical education,” he said.

During his nearly 30 minutes long address, Nadda presented an overview of the healthcare needs of the country and suggested four areas where AAPI could collaborate with the government of India: 1. In establishing Memorandum of Understanding with international organizations, which will support healthcare in India; 2. Transferring advanced research and experiences in the medical field and enhance the quality of medical education in India; 3. Organizing healthcare/medical camps in rural and economically backward regions of the nation; and 4. Addressing hygienic and preventive measures and enhancing the healthcare delivery in India.“If AAPI has a project in its efforts to enhance the healthcare system in India, the Ministry of Health will collaborate and provide all possible support to it,” the Federal Minister promised the AAPI delegates.

GHS 2015, a four-day event began on a Thursday, January 1st, 2015 with a welcome reception and a cultural Program showcasing the rich cultural traditions of the state of Maharashtra. A sumptuous dinner was preceded by a session on “Return to India – Investing, Real Estate, banking Seminar” by Dileep Choksi, CC of the Chokshi Advisors, Pvt. Ltd.

Ayush Gupta won the first prize that carried a cash prize of Rs. 100,000 in the Research and Poster Contest. Krutika Parasar won the 2nd place and the 3rd place went to Devang Odedra while the consolation prize was given to Disha Sharma. Dr. Gopal Batra, who chaired the committee that chose the winners among the dozens of submissions from around the world, announced the winners and gave away the Certificates.

A mega entertainment show on Friday night by local artists took the AAPI delegates down the memorable and nostalgic moments of Bollywood world. The cultural event by talented artists displayed elegantly how the culture of the times shaped the ways in which the Bollywood world and its popular stars of each period embodied the essence of art and culture of their respective times in history.

The Summit was packed with seminars, workshops and symposiums on modern research and topics. The scientific program of GHS 2015 is developed by leading experts with the contributions of a stellar Scientific Advisory Board and International Scientific Committee, said, Dr. Ajay Lodha, Vice President of AAPI. The Summit also helped establish India-centric guidelines for management of head injury and trauma, said, Dr. Ajeet Singhvi, Chair of BOT, AAPI.

Pre-conference web based sessions were offered to over 50,000 physicians and for the very first time, there is a live streaming of sessions during GHS 15 which was viewed live by physicians from around the world, added Dr. Gautam Samadder, Secretary of AAPI. The Conference in collaboration with over 10 professional associations from all over the world, accredited from Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education for 14 hours of credits will be applied for, said Dr. Naresh Parikh, Treasurer of AAPI. 

The GHS offered educational and training programs on areas that need special attention, including high priority areas such as Cardiology, Maternal & Child Health, Diabetes, Oncology, Surgery, Mental Health, HIT, Allergy, Immunology & Lung Health and Gastroenterology, Transplant and impact of comorbidities by world leaders in the field of medicine. Dr. Elliott Antman, President, AHA

The scientific program developed by leading experts with the contributions of a  Scientific Advisory Board and International Scientific Committee, had for the very first time, live streaming of sessions, which were viewed live by physicians from around the world.

“While these networks educate AAPI leadership and member physicians on cutting edge disease topics and cutting edge intervention, through this work during GHS 2015, AAPI was able to showcase the full heights that Asian Indian physicians have reached, elevate educational quality, stimulate the AAPI general physician members, bring further recognition to these renowned physicians, and inspire our young physicians-in-training,” Dr. Jahagirdar explained.

Dr. Seema Jain, President-Elect of AAPI, while proposing vote of thanks, stated that “AAPI is taking on the many challenging issues and will work together and do all that we can to eradicate Hepatitis and create awareness about and ways to prevent head injury and trauma.”She urged Superstar Amitabh Bachchan and all the delegates and guests to be part of the next Global Healthcare Summit to be held in New Delhi from January 1st to 4th, 2016.  For additional information on AAPI and its Global Healthcare Summit, please visit:www.aapiusa.orgwww.aapighsindia.org