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AAPI Global Clinical Trials Network launched during Global Healthcare Summit 2015 in Mumbai


Mumbai (Jan. 05, 2015): During the ground-breaking Global Health Care Summit held at the Trident Hotel in Mumbai in India, AAPI – Global Clinical Trials Network, a new initiative of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) was launched on the concluding day, January 4th, 2015.

According to Dr. Ravi Jahagirdar, President of AAPI, the new AAPI initiative is about “educating physicians regarding clinical trials – an extensive network provided by AAPI Membership – across the United States including in small towns, and ranging from large groups that can run the trials themselves, to solo or small groups that will serve as a referral source to a designated center for research and/or clinical trials.” AAPI could be instrumental for any pharmaceutical Research companies in USA or globally in potentially recruiting a Phase 3 or 4 trial in the USA as part of its introduction of new products to a worldwide market.

AAPI, which is the umbrella organization representing the interests of over 60,000 doctors of Indian origin in the USA, and with over 25,000 medical residents and fellows currently in USA, has been performing a unique widespread role in the United States.  One in every seven American patient is seen by an Indian doctor, and this ratio is even higher in the smaller towns and underserved areas due to the larger proportion of Indian doctors in more remote locations. Partly due to this, the Indian doctor also serves the most diverse group of patients in the USA including Caucasians, Afro Americans, Hispanics and other groups, which is important for clinical research and trials.

The launch event through the live streaming presents a remarkable opportunity. “With the live streaming of sessions during GHS 15, which were being viewed live by physicians from around the world, totaling a million viewers.” In addition to the hundreds of delegates from around the world, who have been made aware of AAPI’s this unique program, the event was webcast live to our members in the USA who are unable to attend, as well a live telecast to an estimated 50,000 doctors around India.

Dr. Ravi announced that Provectus Biopharmaceuticals (NYSE MKT: PVCT, www.pvct.com), a development stage oncology research company has committed to be the inaugural member of the Global Clinical Trial network. AAPI is looking forward to creating a large network of Pharmaceutical companies to make this initiative a great success. The networking opportunities from a group that is known for such, leading to a close knit execution of projects in research and/or clinical trials, provides an incredible opportunity for any participating organization.

“I am very excited about potential for Indian investigators through this network to be part of clinical trials with PV 10 in melanoma other malignancies,” said Dr. Agarwala, Chief of Medical Oncology & Hematology at St. Luke’s Cancer Center and Professor of Medicine at Temple University School of Medicine and has been Principal Investigator of Provectus clinical trials involving immunotherapy and targeted therapy for melanoma.

 “Connecting to the brand of AAPI and its extensive US Physician network will lead to an increased visibility of pharmaceutical clinical trials here in the USA,” commented Dr. Joseph Chalil, Strategic Advisor to Provectus Biopharmaceuticals, who attended the event.