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Indian PM Modi & BJP committed for “Building an Asian Community”: Vijay Jolly


Colombo (Sept 21, 2014):  At the outset accept warm good wishes of All India Bharatiya Janata Party ( Indian People's Party ) President Mr Amit Shah and his team from Republic of India to all the political parties of Asia and especially to ICAPP Chairman Mr Jose de Venecia from Philippines and Secretary General Mr. Chung Eui Yong of Republic of Korea.

The ICAPP theme of "Building an Asian Community" at the 8th General Assembly of ICAPP at Colombo, Sri Lanka is appreciable. The Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and my BJP is already committed for the cause. Our govt. and our party is already moving firmly on the path of empowering the poor backward and downtrodden in India.  Inviting the Heads of States of SAARC nations at the swearing in ceremony of new BJP led Govt. in India of Hon'ble Narendra Modi is the first step of conciliation, engagement and consultations with our neighborhood. SAARC and ASIA are in- separable .

The next 21st Century is the Century of Asia. The Asian nations need a modern, strong and  outward looking economic growth. Two third of the world population live in the Asian hemisphere. We are rich in culture, heritage and education but progressing at a slow pace in economic growth. Regional integration is weak. But an environment of free movement , free trade and closer financial co-operation if not a single currency is the need of the hour. This is all the more important -not for the past or present but off course for the future generations.    

Closer co-operation in Asia is  urgently needed in health, education, climate change, renewable fresh water resources, skill developments, infrastructure, disaster management and student exchange programs. Asia today houses the global economic engines of growth. Hence  empower the existing Asian Institutions and help in establishing new Pan Asian institutions shall contribute immensely for building Asian community in our region.

Put border disputes on back burner, resolve political rivalries and diplomatic reconciliation is the need of the hour. We need to act and behave like brothers and not bullies  to our neighbours. A REGIONAL FREE TRADE AGREEMENT IN ASIA needs political consensus. Asian manufacturing and exports should grow. World Super powers like USA, China, France, UK, Russia etc. should be equal partners in Asian community building exercises. Not only building an Asian Community but there  should also be a Asia-Pacific Community building exercise including India-Australia-New Zealand-Fiji-Mexico-Chile-Canada & USA  etc.

We would advocate A CLEAN ASIA & GREEN ASIA concept where there is free & fair dialogue, exchanges, protection of human security and with paradigm of green quality growth and environment protection. We appeal for the unanimous support of all the participating ICAPP nations and their delegates to pass a resolution for "BUILDING A STRONG and STABLE ASIAN COMMUNITY " and with the full support of the UNITED NATIONS &  financial global institutions.