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NRI’s meet & Greet with Dr Laxman, MLA and BJP National Secretary


New Jersey (Feb. 08, 2015): The NRI’s meet & Greet with Dr Laxman, MLA and BJP National Secretary held its program at Royal Albert’s Palace in Edison, NJ on Friday February 6th, 2015 lead by community leader Mr. Kommidi Balvanth Reddy an ATA Executive Director.

People started coming at 6 PM, by 7 PM the Hotel filled with children with colorful dresses, and woman with beautiful saris and men gathered to discuss the latest developments back home specially curious to know how new governments are shaping up India. Men as usual used this occasion to discuss the politics and everyone was in festive mood celebrating first time in separate state after 60 years dream of Telangana State formation come true. The DJ songs were played on stereo and the big speakers blasting could hear every corner of the venue and lifted the spirits of everyone. Dozens of volunteers busy organizing event songs made everyone feel as if they are celebrating it back in Telangana.

There were 300 people including distinguished guests Padmashri Dr Sudhir Parikh, Mr. Upendra Chivukula, Mr. Ankur Vaidya, President of FIA, Organizers Mr. Balvanth Kommidi, MR Albert Jasani, Raj Maan, Sridhar Uttara, Krishna Reddy, Govind Raj and Srinivas Dargula and important community leaders Sudhakar Perikari ATA president, Suresh Jilla Joint Treasurer ATA, Prasad Kunisetty Telugupeople.com, Rajeshwar Gangasani,Nata President Elect, Murali Chintalpani,past president TDF -USA , Raghuveer Reddy, Vijay Kundur, Venkatesh Mutyala,  Sudhir Bashyam, Raj Seelam, Ravi Dhannapuneni, Dr Purna chander.S, Mahender Musuku, Sridhar Chillara- TV5 , Satyapal Reddy, Bagavan Pingle, Sravan Poreddy, Ravi Puskur, RamKamath, Bala Guru, Vilas Reddy Jambula and others.

Program started with Singer Krishna invited by Balvanth Reddy Kommidi who led the Nri’s gathering to start the program.
Balvanth Kommidi welcomed the distinguished guest Laxman Garu And Dr Parikh and FIA president Ankur Vaidya Garu and New Jersey speaker Upendra Chivukula Garu And Jasani Garu and Krishna Reddy, Govind Raju garu to Podium, in his welcome speech mentioned two of special things happened in India first time we have absolute majority govt in India after 30 years and Telangana became 29 the state Nri's are eager see better India under Modi leadership, shared his family involvement in 1969 Telangana agitation congratulated all the community leaders who worked for Telangana state.

Dr Parikh in his comments narrated his experience with Atalji Ji and Modiji, how serious about their commitment to welfare of people. He is much exited about New state Telangana and New Modi Government in India.

Mr. Upendra Chivukula congratulated all the people who worked hard to see Telangana state, hoped new Telangana government should solve fluoride and other important public issues Advised to govt to take Nri's help in Technology transfer and eager to see new India govt improve public life in every sphere.

FIA president Ankur Vaidya in his remarks Congratulated New Telangana state and he is very optimistic about future of India under modi leadership.
In his speech Krishna Anugu mentioned about how BJP governments are doing improving economy specially mp chief minister record of 20 plus growth rate continuously for last 3 years

Chief Guest BJP National Secretary Dr Laxman Garu addressed the meeting Shared his thoughts how back home specially congratulated Balvanth reddy team and specially concerned Nri's their dream of good governance

Shared his thoughts how BJP is shaping of future India under leadership of Mr. narendra Modi which was missing last many years in previous regimes. We have also challenges We have also issues with other countries specially Terrorism He promised new government is committed to wipe out corruption.

Mr. Modi is working his best to focus on certain areas specially domestic issues, You are aware about international diplomatic progress Mr. Modi achieved good progress foreign policy Also shared how new government is serious about black money issue. Mr. Modi is specially in talking with all cm's how to shape up NITI AYOG, Mr. Modi requested special courts to weed out corruption and keep inflation under control With 500 crore fund to all the state goats.

It is first time new Modi government first special portfolio to skill development so that make India to speed up in make India program successful. Regarding eliminate corruption he initiated e development And One of the major initiative to reduce digital divide Mr. Modi introduced digital India Program.

Also govt is set priorities to make India program Successful. Mr. Modi also introduced
Smart cities program Mr. midi is also initiated National judiciary program Mr. Modi also focusing on improving agri productivity Mr. Modi also taken Clean India swatchh a Bharath program, Still 50 percent population do open defecation,Govt want to eradicate Open defecation, Govt is encouraging all the private companies to invest 2 % of their revenue to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Govt is doing every effort to increase banking facilities to all citizens, Govts is initiated so many programs In 6 months time Bjp got huge success in all the state wide elections.
Mr. Modi is determined to eradicate illitricity in entire India Dr Laxman specially requested to TS state government to allocate more funds to eradicate literacy with literacy we can not achieve Bangaru Telangana, Any investment in education it is a future community development.
The program ended with Mr. Govind Raju Thota vote of thanks.