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Jewel of India ready to unveil the calendar Desi Divas 2015


Dec. 30, 2014: Jewel of India calendar is currently in its third edition, this year it was shot in a beautiful location. The Castle New Jersey located at Roselle park NJ, by ace photographer Josh John who has been associated with the calendar since its inception.

This year it features six beautiful intelligent Divas wearing Designer outfits of TANTRA FASHIONS by Sarika Jain and Jewellery by BG JEWELS by Bhavna Gupta. Models received a great makeover by team of expert in their field, hairstyles by Amisha Kiri and makeup by Momi Junaid.

Dr Juhi Jagiasi who is brainchild behind this was excited for the release on 31st night and also told us that she already has many models interested for 2016 Calendar. She plans to hold a contest next year due to this overwhelming response.

You can grab the calendar at www.eventcombo.com/IFAB