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Indian-origin gynecologist struck off for groping patients


London (Oct 24, 2014): A 51-year-old Indian-origin gynecologist will be struck off from the medical register here after three patients complained against him for inappropriate sexual behavior. Mahesh Patwardhan, who got his medical degree from Bombay University, was accused of getting a "thrill from groping patients' breasts" while alone with them in his rooms at two hospitals.

A fitness to practice panel at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester believed the account of three women patients, including one who claimed she was subjected to an unnecessary breast examination.

Patwardhan denied the allegations but the tribunal concluded that in the absence of any other explanation his conduct must have been "sexually motivated". "The panel considers that through your misconduct you have demonstrated a harmful, deep seated attitudinal problem, in addition to a persistent lack of insight into the seriousness of your actions and consequences," panel chairman Neil Sykes told Patwardhan.

"As a result the panel cannot be satisfied that you do not present a continuing risk to patients," he added. "Why would I do something like this and give away everything I have got over this time? There is no reason for me to do this," Patwardhan had told the panel, pleading innocence. However, the panel concluded that just a suspension would not suffice and his name will now be subject to an erasure notice from the medical register. He has 28 days to appeal against the tribunal's decision.