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How the US education has helped Kanchan to evolve with liberty & to make the right choice...

By Sayed Rizwan


Pune (Nov. 29, 2014): Kanchan today is settled in Pune. She carries forward her father's business with success and enjoys this.

Looking back into the 90s Kanchan was pursuing a linguistic career in French.

She had a desire to pursue her education overseas and the opportunities coming her way landed her in the US.

Kanchan while pursuing her current major realized that she had a different interest.

She switched careers and chose to do her masters in marketing. This changeover which was very much possible with the US education system helped her to evolve with the professional skills she really wanted to have and even make a switch in her career plan with the same ease.

Kanchan says, "if it's possible and an opportunity does come to you to go to the US to pursue your education you must take it, this will help you rediscover yourself. nurture hidden talent, explore your potential and be a more well-rounded person"

Kanchan says that being in the US was a great experience, as life progressed there was another turn awaiting. Her father was thinking to shut down his business. That's when Kanchan realized that she could best put her skills to use with her father's business as they were considering to return to India to be with their families.

Kanchan is a successful professional in Pune in India running her father's business with pride and success. She strongly recommends US education opportunities for our fellow Indians so that they too can broaden their perspective by being exposed to a new culture. This will make them stronger as a professional and a valuable contributor to the society.