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INOC USA Greatly distressed with the desperate conditions caused by floods in Jammu & Kashmir


Sept 12, 2014: “All members of the Indian National Overseas Congress USA join all Indian diaspora everywhere in expressing our deep concern and sympathy with the victims of the disastrous floods that have brought about untold misery, pain and suffering to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.” said Harbachan Singh, INOC General Secretary.  He also expressed satisfaction with the steps taken by Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Modi for visiting and extending hand of assistance to help alleviate the   grief and save lives and property.  Mr. Singh urged the Government to play a greater role to continue monitoring the grave situation and rendering maximum relief possible especially to thousands who are stranded on rooftops waiting to be rescued.

'We would like to see more International  relief efforts  to alleviate the suffering of the people over 2000 villages that are said to have been submerged”, said George Abraham, the Chairman of INOC USA.  He requested the Non-resident Indians to become involved in the ongoing relief efforts in anyway possible.

The President of INOC USA Juned Qazi was deeply moved by the  painful situation and encouraged everyone to help in sending various forms of contributions through proper channels to help in this hour of need.  "The ravage caused would take a long time to rehabilitate the victims and no efforts should be spared.  We have  embarked upon a relief effort and appeal to everyone to contribute generously and urgently to this dire situation over a long haul." he emphasized.


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