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Dicresdited sliced off INOC (I) USA group from the Main body mimics’ “election”


New York (Feb. 08, 2015): In a desperate bid to gain some of the totally dissipating attention and credence, the struggling few of the chipped away members that had been discredited and discarded by the main Indian National Overseas Congress(I)USA through a constitutional processes and through an overwhelming majority vote of “no confidence” in mid-2014 continues in vain to seek sympathy and support by staging recently an “election” amongst themselves.   The fact however is that their reputation and integrity for working as members of the INOC USA had been so badly tarnished by their own self-inflicted misdeeds that their standing in the local community had been affected very seriously and their bad and despicable acts or omissions which had been strongly condemned and denounced are a public knowledge.  The All India Congress Committee in New Delhi was advised by the main body of the removal of Shudh Prakash Singh.

Shudh Prakash Singh, who was expelled from INOC(I)USA , has not ceased to connive behind closed doors to sabotage the working of INOC(I)USA.   

No matter how legitimate he may paint his sham election to be, an election cannot make constitutional a body that which is unconstitutional to begin with.  No amount of water can bring to live a dead tree.

It is necessary therefore that the community be aware of these tactics and not to fall prey to deceptions and misrepresentations.   INOC(I)USA which has assumed a new name as INOC USA, is headed by Chairman George Abraham, President Juned Qazi, Senior Vice President Mohinder Singh Gilzian and Secretary General Harbachan Singh who have been and continues to remain the legitimate organization representing the rights and aspirations of the Congress party and its supporters. It has embarked upon an extensive plan and strategy to invigorate the organization and provide more effective service.