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Dazzling 34th annual meeting of Indian American Medical Association

By Suresh & Usha Bodiwala

Chicago IL (Nov. 16, 2014): The Indian American Medical Association of Illinois held its 34th Annual Meeting and Banquet on Saturday, November 08, 2014 at the classy Meadows Club Grand Ballroom, 2950 W Golf Road, Rolling Meadows, IL reflecting on the highlights of this past year and focusing on its future in the coming year. IAMA is a non-profit professional organization comprised of Illinois Physicians of Indian Origin committed to professional excellence in quality patient care, education and community healthcare. Their motto is Unity of purpose, collegiality in action, commitment to excellence and compassion towards fellow beings.

"Tonight is indeed a celebration of inspiring hope. Words cannot express our heartfelt gratitude to each of you for your presence here. We have a record attendance .. a sold out show. A Refreshing experience, thanks again to all of you" said by Dr. Tapas Dasgupta.

Dignitaries present were: Congressman Danny K Davis, Dr Elliott Antman, President of American Heart Association, Dr Bharat Barai, AAPI President Dr Ravi Jahagirdar, ISMS President-elect Dr Scot Cooper, Chicago Medical society president elect Dr Kathy Tyneus, Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykins, Cook County Commissioner Timothy Snyder, Mr Michael Jankowski, President Wealth Planning Network, LLC, Mr Anthony and MR Michael Pellegrino of Goldstone Financial Group ,and Metro Events, Inc, Mayors of Oakbrook & Burridge, Schaumburg Township Trustee, Dr Yash Amin, Illinois Board of Pharmacy, the Hospital CEOs From Jackson park Hospital, St Anthony's Hospital, Norwegian American Hospital &  Alexian Brothers.

Cocktail Reception started from 5:30 pm onwards (Open Bar). There were different booths of Vendors which included Wealth Planning Network - Grand Sponsor, Prudential, Novonordisk, Alexian Brothers,  Global financial Group -Ashok Sanghavi, Modern Laboratory Inc, Mediquest Diagnostic center  S.C, Carolina Liquid Chemistries, Goldstone financial group.-silver sponsor, Med Mal Direct insurance company, Medtronics, Samland Health Home Options,  Boehringer-Ingelheim-unpaid, Bayer Medical, transition hospice and Chicago home health.

Master of Ceremonies were Rachna Rawal & Radhika Chimata (Medical students). American National Anthem was recited by Hollywood 's latest singing sensation songwriter and singer, Hadiya Nelson and Indian National Anthem was recited by Chicago's Hemant Kumar, Dr Tapas Dasgupta and the nightingale of Chicago, Ms Kathakali Dasgupta. 

"2014 was an exciting year for IAMA. We had organized for the first time an art workshop, summer musical, and a walkathon, our health is in our hands for our members. We also conducted 3 health fairs, a record number of community health awareness seminars, and 15 educational meetings in 10 months. The IAMA 2014 CME trip was to panama and Guatemala and the IAMA CF Semiannual meeting was held in May. The crowning glory was the historic Congressional salute to our past presidents u witnessed tonight where 20 past presidents from 1984 to 2013 were honored By US Congressman Danny K Davis" said by Radhika Chimata in her opening statement.

"IAMA in Action 2014 - Video Presentation" indicate that 2014 was an exciting and action packed  year for IAMA. IAMA organized for the first time an art workshop, summer musical, and a walkathon, our health is in our hands for our members. We also conducted 3 health fairs, a record number of community health awareness seminars, and 15 educational meetings in 10 months. IAMA physicians are recognized by the society for our knowledge and for the services we give based on that knowledge. The IAMA 2014 CME trip was to panama and Guatemala and was a memorable trip. the IAMA Charitable foundation  Semiannual fund raising dinner was held in May 2014.  The funds are raised to run the community clinic that serves more than 3000 under served individuals every year.  

"Embracing our younger generation and strengthening our future will continue to be our focus in the years to come. The 2015 team will launch an aggressive membership drive among the young physicians, medical residents and medical students to join IAMA. Each One Enroll One is our membership drive slogan. We would continue to work on preparing our membership to face the current health care challenges  and rely upon the guidance of our past presidents to built a vibrant, responsive organization. One of my priorities would be to set up a Task force to face the Ebola crisis which will be especially challenging for India" said by Dr. Hemlata Bakane IAMA President

Business Meeting was performed by Dr. Samir Shah.

Keynote Address was given by Dr Elliott Antman, President of American Heart Association, who had specially flown in from Boston. Dr. Hemlata Bakane IAMA President presented an appreciation plaque to Dr. Elliott Antman for delivering the keynote address and joining IAMA event.

Message from Grand Sponsor Mr Michael Jankowski, President, Wealth Planning Network LLC. Classical Kathak Tarana Ms. Kasturee Dasgupta. Dr Sukanya Reddy IAMA treasurer presented shawl and a gift to young beautiful dancer Kasturee Dasgupta with a traditional for her amazing performance. Tanya Prabhakar introduce Honorable US Congressman Danny K Davis. Congressional Salute to IAMA Past Presidents by Honorable US Congressman Danny K Davis.

The crowning glory was the historic Congressional salute to our past presidents u witnessed tonight where 20 past presidents from 1981 to 2013 were honored By US Congressman Danny K Davis. Honorable Congressman Danny K Davis presented each president with a medal and IAMA President  Dr Bakane presented each past president with prized official congressional cufflinks as a commemorative honor for their exemplary leadership. Dr. Gopal Lalmalani (1984), Dr. Dilip Dharkar (1986), Dr. Bhurji N Singh (1989, Dr. Kamal K Chawla (1990), Dr. Satya P Ahuja (1993), Dr. Rohit Kumar Vasa (1994), Dr. Prem Rupani (1995), Dr. M. Aerlla Hanumadass (1996), Dr. Vemuri S. Murthy (1998), Dr. Vijay Kumar (1999), Dr. Birinder Marwah (2000), Dr. Mitra Kalelkar (2001), Dr. Pratap Kumar (2002), Dr. Rajeev Khanna (2003), Dr. Amarjit Singh (2005), Dr. Umang Patel (2006), Dr. Kishor Ajmere (2007), Dr. Utpal Parekl (2009), Dr. Ashok Fulambarker (2010), Dr. Annita John (2011), Dr. Aruna Vade (2012) and Dr. Raj Arora (2013). Truly a historic event to see all 22 past presidents on stage.

"I really want to Congratulate IAMA President Dr. Hemlata Bakane for very well organized and well attended evening. All kudos to Dr. Bakane, the hall was completely full. I was very impressed by all the details that were taken care of , from Flowers at the entrance to the table decorations and yes excellent selection of food. The Best part of the evening was IAMA President Dr. Hemlata Bakane speech.. Dr. Bakane were very eloquent and touched on the current issues like Ebola. I just love women in power . When the old presidents were on the stage, the glaring fact was evident...It was a line up with all male. Seeing you at the front of the line was very refreshing. I am sure everyone must have seen the dynamic Dr. Hemlata Bakane throughout the year" said by Ginny Jolly from Legal Shield Associate.

Presentation of Awards were performed, where following Awards were given:
·         Introduction of Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Bharat Barai
·         Presentation of Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Pratap Kumar
·         Distinguished Physician A ward to Dr. Peter A Noronha
·         President's Appreciation Award to Dr. Vemuri Murthy
·         Presentation of Golden Stethoscope Awards Dr. Ravi Jahagirdar, AAPl President

The recipients of First Prize winner was Bhagya Puppala, Second Prize Christopher Nyugen and Third Prize Shikha Jain.

Dr. Hemlata Bakane Passed the Gavel to Incoming President Dr. Kamal Patel

"Our President Dr Bakane is an outstanding example of hard work, simplicity and sincerity who believes that Action speaks louder than words. Tonight, President Bakane did embrace the younger generation by' involving the youth as MCS for the program, a distinct FIRST In 34 YEARS, Strengthened the IAMA for the future by honoring a record number of 22 Past Presidents with a Congressional salute, another impressive FIRST in 34 years, enabled the endowment of $ 10,000 dollars annually to lAMA CF, another financial FIRST in 34 years, ensured the participation of over 60 Medical students tonight, another meaningful FIRST in 34 years, instituted a Lifetime Achievement Award another innovative FIRST in 34 years, Dr Bakane went a step further by securing the Grand Sponsor for the next year 2015 annual" said by Dr. Tapas Dasgupta.

Dr. Hemlata Bakane express her Appreciation to those who helped her throughout the year and especially tonight were Mrs. Chaya Patel wife of incoming president Dr Kamal Patel for creating beautiful centerpieces, Sayali Vilekar for her dedication and expertise, Mr Neelesh Vilekar for excellent work as technology consultant, Ms Kathakali Dasgupta-Auxiliary co-chair" Dr Sukanya Reddy for taking charge of registration, Ms. Tanya Prabhakar for organize golden stethoscope award -poster presentation, Mrs Usha Vasa, and, Ms Bela Shah for their invaluable help and our M.c.'s Rachana Rawal and Radhika Chinmata for job well done.

Vote of Thanks was performed by Dr. Tapas Dasgupta. He tanks to everybody including Exhibitors/ Booth sponsors, the advertisers in our souvenir, AIR INDIA and all our patrons who bought tables and raffle tickets

Delouse dinner was served prior to entertainment program. Dr. Narendra Garg draw the Air India Raffle
Dr. Samir Shaw introduces Shoba Joshi. Dr. Sukanya Reddy honors Singer Joshi with a traditional shawl. Ms. Shobha Joshi well know playback singer from Mumbai sings the musicians and Mr Tariq for the sound systems.

“This was one of the finest musical program we have ever seen". “The whole evening was very tastefully done and was incredibly enjoyable". “We wished the entertainment could have gone on for another hour” These were the remarks heard from the audience. 

2014 Executive committee
Hemlata Bakane MD (President), Samir Shah MD (Secretary), Sukanya Reddy MD(Treasurer)

2015 Executive committee
Kamal Patel MD (President), Tapas Dasgupta MD (Secretary elect), Sreenivas Reddy MD (Treasurer)