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On your Marks...Get set...Go! Mr. Prime Minister

By Dipankar Dasgupta (member of HATT)


Sept 28, 2014: This is perhaps the first that an Indian Prime Minister received such a rousing welcome during his first visit to the United States after assuming office 100 days earlier.

His address to the UN nation was telecast across the world and India and his speech was in Hindi. He emphasised that every nation’s world view is shaped by its civilisation and its philosophical tradition, which in other words is to say that ours is the oldest civilisation in the world. This itself says it all.

He also mentioned that India is willing to open its bilateral talks with Pakistan, provided Pakistan realises its own responsibility towards terrorism and it must also accept the fact that it must stop terrorism which is perpetrated from its own soil, unless they take the responsibility of this fact, it would be very difficult to begin any kind of bilateral talks with them. He also squarely put the plate in front of US and that it is not doing enough to tackle the terrorism perpetrating from the soil of Pakistan.

He was very categorical in saying that UN must be more democratic in its approach and that it should also allow members to become more participative and must engage in an concerted efforts to curb terrorism from the global space.

There is lot of expectations from Mr. Modi as far as hard selling India is concerned with the US investors. There is a very high hope that he will be able to garner at least 100 Billion dollar in fresh investments from the MNCs from America. The timing is perfect since most of the BRICS nations are in economic turmoil, (brazil facing a severe debt situation, Russian economy is in turmoil, China is facing a deep slowdown). Hence, its perfect for India to attract a huge investment from US.

So Far, although the Indian analysts have been quite conservative while giving judos to the newly elected BJP government at the centre, nevertheless, they have openly said that the diplomacy played so far by India with Japan, China and all its neighbouring countries are laudable and this will surely play an important role in shaping India’s future growth.

Hence, we should expect big bang investments from the US MNCs in the days to come.

Therefore, Mr. Modi the industry and the stock market is expecting you to go all out and grab the opportunity...on your marks...get..set...and Go!