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Hari Om Mandir holds annual fundraising gala for temple development

By Suresh & Usha Bodiwala

Chicago, IL (Dec. 01, 2014): Hari Om Mandir organized its 27th Annual ‘Fund Raising Dinner-2014’ at India House Banquet Hall, Schaumburg, IL, on Saturday, November 22, from 6.00pm to 11.00 pm.  Despite the weather, many devotees, friends, and well-wishers attended the event. The evening was packed with great food, entertainment and fundraising activities. The evening began with a puja performed by Pandit Dinesh Kumar.

Fundraising Chairman, Anil Saxena, then greeted everyone present and thanked both boards for their continuous support. He also took a moment to remember why we were there that evening and to think as to how we will achieve the lofty goals that this Mandir has always set.

President Indrajit Sarkar, recognized and thanked the efforts and hard work put together for the event by Fundraising Chairman Anil Saxena. He also thanked the BOT Chairman Ayodhia Salwan for continuous support throughout the year. Mr. Sarkar added that Mr. Ayodhia Salwan is an asset to Indian community in the form of Hari Om Mandir. His nonstop efforts and hard work has led us to this 27th annual fundraising event. He's a true devotee who never steps down even in the hardest of times. He will go against any odds to support and strengthen Hari Om Mandir.  Mr. Sarkar was delighted to mention that with the help and hard work of all the executive board members many religious programs were organized throughout the year; the highlight was Sankat Mochan Mahayagya. We are able to run successfully the Go Green project, Health camps. A fabulous Youth Talent showcase was organized by our youth group. Also new education classes are introduced for our kids to prepare for ACT/SAT.

BOT Chairman Mr. Ayodhia Salwan, appreciated the hard work and efforts made by Anil Saxena and Indrajit Sarkar along with the entire executive board to make this event a great success. He also added, at this time, he would like to whole heartedly thank all fellow members of the Board of Trustees. They work together as a team to bring Hari Om Mandir to new light and shared some of the accomplishments of this year.  Mr. Salwan mentioned all the development we did this year and our next Goal is expand the 20 parking for devotees, Elevator for Senior Citizen, Add new room for Coat & Shoes. He requested all the devotees to send the donation to Hari Om Mandir by Check, Cash & Credit Card.

Both the Boards recognized Ravinder Kalia, Subhash Saluja and Satyajit Sarkar (Youth President) for their efforts towards the growth of the temple.

Satyajit Sarkar (Youth President)  of Hindu Society of Metropolitan Chicago being honored for his outstanding work and Honoring Ravinder Kalia for his long dedicated work

A grand program was organized mixed with dance by Ayushi &Palak Tripathi and performances by Shali Dhawan, Satyajit Sarkar, Ram Verma with MC Gayatri Rathod and DJ Nilesh Pardiwala.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your donations over the years. Because of your generosity, Hari Om Mandir has been able to grow tremendously. May it be any huge construction, or any other event, it wouldn't have been possible without your donations. Devotees recognized and praised the progress and work done for the temple and donated generously for the upcoming projects. We can honestly say that every penny of our devotees’ hard earned money will be used to provide a better facility and place of worship for us and our children to learn about our cultural heritage and preserve Hinduism in this land far away from our roots.

Executive Board: Indrajit Sarkar, President; Anil Saxena, Vice President; Sneh Chaudhary, Secretary; Gopal Tiwari, Treasurer; Rajeshwari Rawat, Special Events; Sham Taxali, Inside Property Management; Ramesh Bhardwaj, Outside Property Management; Jeetu Patel, Publication; Usha Verma, Food & Prasad.

Board of Trustees: Ayodhia Salwan, Chairman; Nirmal Bagga, Vice Chairman; Mohan Karamchandani, Secretary; Naveen Paul; Ram Verma; Mahendra Thakkar; Subhash Sharma; Amar Singla

Priests:  Pt.Dinesh Kumar