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"Changing the World, One Girl at a Time” For Sonia Shah Organization

Chicago IL (Sept 25, 2014): Sonia Shah Organization had its 2nd Fund Raising event on Saturday, Sep 20, 2014 from 5.30 PM. to benefit the Sonia Shah Organization. Over 300 people packed into the Oak Brook Hills Resort, which was beautifully decorated with the theme ‘Changing the world, one girl at a time’'. The event was held to raise the funds necessary for much needed health care program associated with the school that was built from the contributions made last year’s event with the theme ‘A Girl a Dream a Mission’.

"Changing the World One Girl at a Time" is taking the Sonia Shah mission forward and providing education and health care to underprivileged girls. Before realizing her dream, she died in tragic accident at the tender age of 18 years. All the proceeds will go to the school and the medical program in a small village in Pakhtoon Kha province of Pakistan about 80 miles from where Malala was shot.

Sonia Shah, of Pashtu heritage, was a gifted honor student, studied in four countries, Thailand, England, US and finally graduated a year early from Zurich International School in Switzerland. In 2012 she was among the youngest intern to volunteer in Obama’s presidential campaign. In his condolence letter President Obama commented 'though Sonia was the one of the youngest intern, she was most determined brilliant individual'. Mother of Sonia shared Sonia's words in her collage application that 'I want to serve and help others. I want to leave this world knowing that I have changed it in some quantifiable, positive way, no matter how minuscule. I want to make history, instead of just witnessing it' with sheer determination, hard work and motivation, She raised enough seed funds to buy a piece of land for the dream school.  Before dream realized, she succumbed to a tragic accident. However, inspired by Sonia's vision, the family, friends and community continued the mission to make her dream a reality, which has now turned into a non-profit foundation focusing on less privileged girls.

Evening included with exciting live auction and entertainment from the Raga Boyz with dazzling Fashion show. Master of ceremony for the evening Annie introduced Iram Shah, mother of Sonia Shah who gave a power point presentation about Sonia Shah, her foundation, mission, progress etc. This was followed by speech by Dr. Mia Arshed Jan, who showed a video of the Sonia Shah's dream school building. The school is almost complete and the school year will start in 2015. The next step is to build a medical clinic close to the school that will provide 24 hr emergency service especially to women and children.

Fashion Show by Razz Boutique was the key highlight followed by a delicious dinner served by Udipi Schaumburg. Beautiful ethnic jewelry was on Sale as well as Raaz dresses with 10% of the proceeding going to Sonia Shah Organization.

Vote of thanks was given by Annie, Iram and Issa who thanked volunteers, sponsors participants and audience for successful evening.

Live entertainment from the Raga Boyz comprising of Wali Hamid Ali Khan; Nayab Ali Khan and Inam Ali Khan was a big hit with a big portion of audience staying and dancing on their songs until midnight

Congratulations! It was amazing, inspiring and beautiful evening befitting Sonia story and her mission of ‘Engaging, Educating and Empowering’ underprivileged girls.