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Vilas Reddy (Telangana NRI BJP) presented a memorandum to Prakash Javadekar on Nalgonda fluoride issue


New Jersey (Sept 23, 2014): Telangana NRI BJP & Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP) has submitted a memorandum on the Nalgonda fluoride issue to Minister for Information & Broadcasting/Environment & Forests Prakash Javadekar in New Jersey.

In the memorandum, the OFBJP unit mentioned several health problems facing by Nalgonda people due to excess fluoride. They said that fluorosis affected villages and people of Nalgonda are gasping for life and said that people of the district are badly in need of safe drinking and irrigation water.

The unit members mentioned Nalgonda citizens problems due to the denial of nature bestowed water for the last 55- 60 years. They said the people are suffering with bowed bodies, curved limbs, forearms and thighs due to excess fluoride.

They also mentioned that Nalgonda citizens cannot even attend to their nature calls, due to excess fluoride. They said that we are all at the mercy of the Union Government, which acclaimed by the entire world as the Champion of Polio Eradication in India. They urged Minister to take immediate steps for providing safe drinking water to the people of the district. They said that Nalgonda citizens consume fluoride to the extent of 50 to 100 milligrams per day in different ways, against the normal consumption of 8 milligrams.

The people who submitted the memorandum includes VilasReddy Jambula, Arun Ayyagari, Krishna Reddy, Arvind Modini, Hari Pulijala, Srikanth, Naresh, Santosh, Ram Reddy, Raghuveer, Vijay Kunduru, Srinivas Ganagoni, Anoop, Balavardhan, Bharath Goli, Sridhar Reddy , Shekar, Srinivas Kompally and others.