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Akhil Kapur has super screen presence says his uncle actor politician Vinod Khanna


Sept 28, 2014: Cinema is changing and so is the attitude of newcomers who are blazing their way into celluloid. One amongst the young guns is Vinod Khanna’s nephew Akhil Kapur who is trailblazing his way into film industry with a hardcore action drama Desi Kattey. 

The newbie doesn’t shy away from making himself clear that the cushioning of a mush film start is not his thing, “I didn’t want to go the romantic way. It’s quite a safe zone. I wanted to make my entry into the film industry with an edgy and raw film and I am happy I came across Anand Kumar who offered me Desi Kattey.”

Action film was a natural start to Akhil’s acting career for the newbie’s extensive martial arts background would have him drawn towards edgy cinema. “I love this role for it gives me the opportunity to explore my dark side. It also has scope to do raw action; all of that while also tapping on the emotional facet of the character. I’m so glad for getting the chance to show my range as an actor so early in my career,” says the excited actor.

I went through quite an intense training. Anand made me meet people from Uttar Pradesh so I could get the accent right. I would also visit the sets of his last action flick Zila Ghaziabad and just observe. Anand never introduced me to anyone so that I could just focus on observing the performances and it’s been a great experience.”

 Desi Kattey traces the live of a young boy who becomes one of the biggest gangsters and according to Akhil it was quite a contrast from his real personality. “I have been a South Bombay boy who grew up in Dubai. So the switch in roles was initially difficult, but what’s life without a little challenge? While other newcomers hit the gym to pump up, I had to stop lifting weights and go for more functional natural workouts  in order to give my character a natural look. I’ve literally spent a year and a half growing my hair and my beard. Glad people have liked my work especially in the north.  
He is super talented,  focused,  very solid with action and is going very far.  He did his homework and he shines.  -  Suniel Shetty.