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Launch of music label "Stellar music" with live performance at Blue Frog


With this launch, we strive to hasten the evolution around independent artists and their music. We know that when it comes to music, there is a vast pool of talent in our country that is waiting to be heard or has not had the opportunity to be heard by a larger audience, and that there is a vast audience of people in our country willing to hear new sounds and experiment with unique music says Sanjiv Bhatia.Bhairvi Goswami,Lezli Lewis,Louis Bank,Naman Shaw,Preeti Bhalla and Bijoy Nambiar came specially to see the performance and to wish them all the best.Nehaa Mishra,Sanjiv Bhatia and Mark O'Gleby received all the guest at the party.

Over the next few years Stellar music  aims to play a leading role when it comes to championing the cause of promoting independent artists. We are a one stop shop that identifies, nurtures,  promotes and markets artists across various platforms that includes digital broadcasting. We also assist artists to secure their rights for their original scores.
In its quest to promote talented artists and find promising ones, Stellar music will take to organizing music events (gigs). These events will essentially be Independent Music festivals and will feature bands and individual artistes of various genre, showcasing their music. Seven new talent Sharanya Natrajan,Shreyas Shukla ,Sana Aziz,Yashraj Kapil and three bands Adrija & Lokesh Band ,Roshni Baptist and Kanchan Daniel & the Beards band performed live for guest and media.

With a focus on helping an artist monetize his talent, Stellar music is already in the process of creating synergies with other music companies, advertising agencies and feature film producers. We have also reached out to various event organizers and event management companies, who we believe will be imperative in the growth of our artists. We  are constantly on the lookout for new markets and platforms where we can showcase talented artists. 

At Stellar music we believe that "music is the new cricket" and with the power to influence the youth of this country, it is a formidable tool for a positive change.

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