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Countdown 2015 begins with artist at Sea Side Hotel, Juhu

Mumbai (Dec. 24, 2014): Prashant Dhamankar, Yogesh Lakhani of Bright Outdoor and Jignesh Buta of Hitech Events organised press meet for their 31st December show The Countdown 2015 begins with DJ Krazy Kat, DJ Meet, Marisa Verma, Maahi Sharma,S anchiti Sakat, Sejal Mandavia, Swaroop Bhalwankar and Tinaa Ghaai at Hotel Sea Side, Juhu.The show will be choreographed by Jignesh- Nigar. DJ Krazy Kat will be performing first time in Mumbai. Tinaa Ghaai, Sanchiti Sakat and Swaroop  Bhalwankar sang one song for media. Sejal Mandavia, Marisa Verma and Maahi Sharma will have dance performance.