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Dheeraj Kumar serial Sinhaasan Battisi with entire cast on set

Mumbai (Nov. 9, 2014): Dheeraj Kumar of Creative Eye Limited and Anooj Kapoor, Business Head from Sony Pal met press and media with cast of serial Sinhasan Battisi on set at Vihar Lake, Andheri East. Dheeraj Kumar played the real host as he introduced the cast and crew to media and also showed audio visual to them. Anooj Kapoor said that this show is number 1 show of Sony Pal channel and I wish the cast and crew all the best. Karan Suchak, Siddharth Arora, Sayantani Ghosh, Cheshtha Mehta and Kajal Jain came for press meet in costume.

Singhasan Battisi is a historical fantasy project having 32 beautiful females as 32 putliyan which are embodied in the throne and becomes alive one by one. The main protagonist of the serial referred as the main “Putli” who shall also be the anchor of the series. Through this series these 32 women shall emphasize upon the importance of womanhood as a woman of substance who has qualities of love, sacrifice, devotion, dedication, emotions, forgiveness, intelligence, morality, impartiality, acquaintance, good deeds, acceptability, virtuous etc... all these qualities of a woman shall be the essence of the series which will connect our women viewers. Story of Singhasan Battisi will be told through these 32 women. In a lighter way, if we say “woman shall be the engine of this historical fantasy”.