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EVEREST causes delay in the shoot of Mohenjodaro


Mumbai (Sept 30, 2014): EVEREST - the much talked about series soon to air on STAR Plus brings the biggest Hindi entertainment channel and celebrated film maker Ashutosh Gowariker together for an inspiring, drama series full of adventure about the journey of a girl Anjali. It follows the gripping and ambitious journey of Anjali who decides to summit the greatest and the highest of all mountains – Mt. Everest only to get her father’s love. Ashotush took over 2 years to come up with the story line of Everest as it had a lot of research and detailing involved.

Infact he came up with the concept and EVEREST and Mohenjo Daro at the same time but he was more kicked about detailing EVEREST so he put his movie plan in back seat and started working on the show instead. There was so much research involved in this project due to the alien subject not explored much on television and also due to the intricate details to be kept in mind. “What is most important for me is the planning stage, once that is in place, implementing the ideas becomes easier. Because of the international nature of the this genre and Everest being the ultimate dream for any mountaineer in the world as it is one of the most difficult peaks to summit, the research took longer than usual. So Yes, I did have to push the movie a little bit because EVEREST took up a lot of my time. It is my dream project and needed more attention”, says Ashutosh Gowariker.

EVEREST is the story of Anjali, a young girl who aspires to conquer her own personal EVEREST.  At the age of 21, she gets a rude shock when she discovers that her father, who she hero worships, never really wanted a daughter. Faced with the biggest conflict of her life, Anjali is forced to question her very own existence. To redeem herself and find a place in her father’s heart she decides to fulfill her father’s unfulfilled dream – to summit the greatest and highest of all mountains, Mt EVEREST.