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“Ashutosh Sir is lucky for me, so is Monday” says ShamataAnchan, lead of Everest


Mumbai (Nov. 12, 2014): The lead actress of EVEREST, ShamataAnchan is on seventh heaven as her debut is being much appreciated and acknowledged by the audience. But as happy and giggly she seems to be now after the show is on air, she was just as nervous and superstitious during the making of the show.

For some people it is a particular colour and for some a particular number but Shamata a.k.a. Anjali Singh Rawat from EVEREST has a special affinity towards a particular day of the week – Monday. ShamataAnchan says, “Yes it is weirdly true that I believe Monday is lucky for me as I got a call to audition for EVEREST on a Monday, I went for the audition on a Monday. The day I was chosen for the show was a Monday and I also started shooting for the show on my lucky day. I also fast on Mondays so I guess it is a special day for me.”

Shamataconsiders herself to be extremely lucky as for her debut role only shegot a chance to work with a maestro like AshutoshGowariker and his super talented team.  She feels she wouldn’t have had a better start to her career in acting as it all worked out perfectly well. “In fact, what is even stranger is that, Ashutosh Sir’s name means Shiva and Monday is symbolic of Lord Shiva!” she added.

EVEREST is the story of Anjali, a 21 year old girl who gets a rude shock when she realizes that her father, who she hero worshipped, wanted a son. To redeem herself and find a place in her father’s heart she decides to fulfil her father’s unfulfilled dream – to summit the greatest and highest of all mountains, Mt Everest.