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Priyanka Chopra spins her magic in Mumbai for Grazia India's December 2014 cover launch

Mumbai (Dec. 18th, 2014): Priyanka Chopra was the perfect choice for Grazia's December 2014 issue. Chopra has been 2014's biggest star, encompassing various roles, that of an actor, singer, and spokesperson for international brands and charities. Grazia shot with Priyanka through the day, laying out a massive luxurious and edgy wardrobe. She's known for her keen sense of style and she made her selections effortlessly.

Grazia's December issue salutes the people who created their own paths, on their own terms, to become trailblazers and game changers. Priyanka Chopra makes for an easy leader for such a pack, having created her crowning status in Bollywood all by herself. The December issue celebrates these mavericks, the ones who faith in their DARK FANTASY, which translated into the theme of the issue. This led to the creation of the Cool List, 2014's biggest headliners, including designer Rajesh Pratap Singh, and author Chetan Bhagat; a shoot of fairy tales' biggest most misunderstood villains, and a Christmas spread created by some of Mumbai's finest chefs, but with a massive difference. Grazia's December 2014 issue therefore wrapped up with year with its finest.