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Directors of the Chinese film ‘Genuine Love’ hope to make films with Indian directors by next year


Panaji (Nov. 27, 2014): The two directors of the Chinese Film ‘Genuine Love’, Silzati Jakov and Xin Zhang interacted with the press at the 45th IFFI in Goa today.

The film is based on an incident which took place in 2009 and is a real story of a family with 19 adopted children struggling to survive in the harsh weather explained Silzati Jakov. The shooting of the film was done in very cold climate with temperatures of 0 degree to 5 degrees, Jakov explained. It was produced after hard work and immaculate planning of two years in which all patterns/frames were prepared by them well in advance before beginning added Jakov.

The Director said that they want to convey a message of family togetherness and that we should love all children alike whether they belong to us or others, through the film. Appreciating Indian movies, Jakov said that he has seen all movies of Raj Kapoor and stars like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai are very popular in China. The Chinese government fully supports the film industry and gives them assistance to produce better quality films , he added.

Xin Zhang expressed happiness at the recent agreement with India to increase cooperation in the field of cinema , TV and radio . He hoped that they will be able to make films with Indian directors as early as next year.

Source: PIB