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Child of War: A film on atrocities inflicted during struggle for Bangladesh


Panaji (Nov. 29, 2014): I was surprised to know that so much of atrocities were committed in East Bengal during its liberation struggle in 1971 but in the last four decades the horrific story has not been told. How can a section of humanity inflict such atrocities on other human beings is not easy to understand. The victims have been waiting for decades to get justice but nobody paid heed. This is the theme that the film is all about, says Director of ‘Children of War’ Mrityunjay Devvrat. He was interacting with media persons at 45th IFFI after screening of his film today.

When asked whether turning a blind eye to the historic atrocities was a spontaneous or well thought of by a certain lobby during last four decades, “it is well thought of”, said the Director. As regards the source material, ‘many banned books, interviews of victims were the main source’, informed the Director.

“The word ‘rape’ cannot convey the full feel terror that the women were subjected to. Even when we interviewed the victims, the women were so frightened to say anything about that period”, said Tilotma Shome, an actress in the film.

Producer of the film, Soumya Joshi Devvrat informed that the film was shot in India at locations resembling Bangladesh.

In fact Children of War shows how and why absolute power corrupts absolutely. In Bangladesh’s war of liberation in 1971 the horror wreaked by a section having power in their hands, executed genocide and still got away unpunished.

This is the debut film of Director Mrityunjay Devvrat. “It is impossible to believe that this war epic has been directed by a first time filmmaker. How can a virgin artiste conceive such a vivid portrait of the rape of a civilization”, writes a journal in its review

Source: PIB