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Grand Ganpati song in Indian Premache Lafde releasing on 26th Dec


Mumbai (Dec. 08, 2014): Lord Ganesha is always an integral part of Marathi culture and equally so, no Marathi film is complete without a Ganpati celebration number. But it's celebration on a whole new level in producer Mohan Purohit and associate producer Mushtaq Ali's forthcoming mail Marathi venture Indian Premache Lafde (IPL).

If sources are to be believed, the producers have left no stone unturned to make sure they have a grand celebratory song of Ganpati for their film for which they hired as many as 200 artists and dancers for one song.

It is learnt, that the song Ganraya Morya has been shot on Surve Farm Panvel and the makers roped in a whopping count of 200 artists for the song making it the first Marathi song to be staged on such a grand scale.

Directed by Deepak Kadam, IPL stars Swapnil Joshi Junior as the lead opposite Shital Upare,Miss heritage International along side renowned Marathi film industry actors like Vijay Patkar, Santosh Mayekar, Vijay Kadam, Sunil Tawde, Kshitij Gosalkar and Siya Patil.

Well, we can't wait for the song to release. Can you?