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21st Lions Gold Awards: Felicitates outstanding contributions from various walks of life

Mumbai (Jan. 07, 2015): Mr. Raju Manwani (International Director, Lions Club) and Mr. Aneel Murarka (Fund Raising Director) organized “21st Lions Gold Awards” event, which recognizes and felicitates outstanding contributions from various walks of life (Films, TV, Sports, Business, Medicine, NGO etc.)

The extravaganza took place at one the plush auditoriums of suburbs suitable for the gala The award ceremony commenced by capturing the essence of the Indian Rituals by lighting the auspicious lamp as a favorable start and sign of future success for the evening.

The “21st Lions Gold Awards” was anchored by the very charismatic Mantra who spinned his magic and kept the audience engaged with his wit, energy & charm. Apart from Mantra anchoring the extravaganza also witnessed captivating performance of effervescent & charming troupe performing on Ganesh Vandana seeking blessings and dancing away. Adding to the merriment the evening witnessed engaging performances which included Zia nath who caught the attention with her soothing sufi dance moves. Mr. Daulatani and Mr. Arman Mallik mesmerized the audience with their melodious voice and drowned everyone with their soulful voices. One of the most loved dance troupes Zenith and S’llhoute performed and flaunted their moves keeping the crowd entertained and setting the tone for the evening.and finale performance was by Hrishtaa Bhatt , playing a fairy with a thematic song on Education promotion .

With the awards being broadly classified in three categories: Films, Television and General, the gala doesn’t leave any stone unturned in order to insure to honor and felicitate pioneers of various feilds. The Film Category recognizes the path breaking performance in respective films and felicitates them. The TV Category comprises of stellar portrayal of various stars on the small screen. The General category encompassing fields as diverse as Sports, Bravery, Business, Medicine, IAS/ IPS etc

Holding a penchant for fashion, designer Rohit Verma spined his magic setting the color wheels in motion in Royal shades. The attendees were left wowed by the models walking the catwalk with inspiring creative colors and stunning styles at the much awaited “21st Lions Gold Awards”. Daisy Shah of jai Jo fame walked the runway as the shop stopper and dazzled in a maroon and golden gown.  Rohit Verma’s collection offered a slew of sartorial designs glorifying the nizam and taj in his designs a true Indian at heart, designer Rohit Verma incorporates luxurious Indian fabrics, color, and texture in his designs. The collection included gowns for women which captures every essence of royalty. Rohit Verma spells his classy touch on mens wear inclusive jackets with sartorial dhotis and trousers making them look nothing less than kings from ancient era.

Nitin Bhandarkar, a pioneer from comedy added that extra pinch of humor to the award ceremony.  The event ended 

A bevy of guest and celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Abhishek Bachchan, Tiger Shroff, Varun Dhawan, Mr. Prem Chopra, Randeep Hooda, Omung Kumar, Farah Khan, Ashutosh Gowariker, Divyanka Tripathi, Sumona Chakravarti, Neelu Vaghela, Aashka Goradia, Dr. Madhu Chopra, Ms. Poonam dhillon - and many more joined in the celebration to honor the dignitaries from Film, Tv and various other fields. While the recipients welcomed the New Year with “21st Lions Gold Award” in their kitty, the awarders on the other hand were extremely elated to be presenting awards which included renowned names like Designer Amy Billimoria, Actress Kavitta Verma, Dr. Ruby Tandon, Dr. Makani, Model and actor Shweta Khanduri and Prashant Sharma many more. 

With the heads held up high, the evening was dedicated to felicitate the aspirants marking their excellence in different fields. The pioneers who deservingly triumphed upon the hearts of millions and engraved their names on the trophy were-

Film :- Priyanka Chopra for Lions Favourite Actress in leading role (Popular); Abhishek Bachchan for Lions Favourite Actor in leading role (Popular); Tiger Shroff for Lions Favourite New Commer (Male); Mr. Prem Chopra for Lions Life Time Achievement Award; Varun Dhawan for Lions Favourite Youth Icon Actor of the year; Alia Bhatt for Lions Favourite Actor (Female) Critics Choice and Lions Favourite Debutant Singer. Television: - Divyanka Tripathi and Pallavi Kulkarni For Lions Favourite Lead Role (Female); Ssharad Malhotra and Gautam Rode for Lions Favourite Lead Role (Male); Aashka Goradia and Zeena Bhatia for Lions Favourite Negative Role (Female); Praneet Bhatt and Chetan Hansraj for Negative Role (Male).

Special Category: - Dr. Madhu Chopra for Lions Favourite Dynamic Entrepreneur ( Female), Mr. Daara B. Patel for Lions Favourite Pharma Professional of the Decade; International Indian Achievers Awards 2014 - Mr. Aneel Murarka & Ms. Poonam Dhillion for Lions Favourite Unique Awards

Fund Raising Director of 21st Lions Gold Awards, Mr. Aneel Murarka elaborates about the theme “EDUCATION FOR BETTER TOMORROW” saying “This year 21st Lions Gold Award is supporting the theme “EDUCATION FOR BETTER TOMORROW” which is absolutely close to my heart. This is one of the most sensitive topics which need to be encouraged. Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. Hence, 21st Lions Gold Award is the perfect platform to throw light and pose as an revolution and change the mindsets”

Mr. Raju Manwani (International Director, Lions Club), exclaims “The Lions Gold awards, is an Endeavour of the Lions Club of SOL Mumbai, an ISO 9001 – 2008 Certified Club in District 323.A3, which, with 831 members is the largest Lions Club in the World with Lionism spanning 207 countries. In its 21st year this time, the Lions Gold Awards has been going from strength to strength with each passing year both in terms of participation as well as attendance of the glitterati and the cream – de – la – cream from various walks of life, who are recognized and honored for outstanding contributions above and beyond the call of duty in their respective fields

Mr. Raju Manwani (International Director, Lions Club) and Mr. Aneel Murarka (Fund Raising Director) of "21st Lions Gold Awards 2015” in support of better education for tomorrow to organize “21st Lions Gold Awards” event, which recognizes and felicitates outstanding contributions from various walks of life (Films, TV, Sports, Business, Medicine, NGO etc.) and a bold initiative by Lion Raju Manwani is back again with equal enthusiasm and gesture to honor the winners contribution in their prominent field but this time with a view to support and encourage “EDUCATION FOR BETTER TOMORROW” with Mr. Aneel Murarka standing as firm as a pillar of support towards education.

This time Lions Gold Awards not only comes as a platform to honor the respected personality’s contribution in their fields but also to support and encourage “EDUCATION FOR BETTER TOMORROW”.

Education is not all about studying and getting good marks. It is really a means to discover new things which we don't know about and increase our knowledge. An educated person has the ability to differentiate between right and wrong or good and evil. It is the foremost responsibility of a society to educate its citizens. Focus should be on women’s education because the knowledge and empowerment of one woman can bring about a change in a family and even the society as a whole. It is the uneducated and illiterate people who think women are not entitled to education. A person becomes perfect with education as he is not only gaining something from it, but also contributing to the growth of a nation. We must realize the importance of education. We must aim to ensure that each citizen of our nation is educated and independent.

A member of the Mumbai Sol Lions Club, and a Lion since 1983, he has held many offices within the association, including president, club membership chairperson, district governor and council chairperson. Lion Raju Manwani, who has developed a penchant for organizing events of such enormity year after year, has been successful in growing the awards ceremony bigger and better each year.

Mr. Aneel Murarka (Fund Raising Director) in aid and support of education for his generous and selfless support and contribution towards “EDUCATION FOR BETTER TOMORROW” as a responsible citizen propels the country towards the better and brighter future. Education is the key to a better tomorrow. It’s the key to a brighter today as well and that’s what makes it important. With education one can unlock the solutions to many of the other issues people face wherever they are in the world.

Over the years, the Lions Gold Awards have been accorded sheen and class thanks to the presence of Top – Of – The line celebrities from the worlds of film and television and renowned personalities from different strata of Society.