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A real rag picker makes Hindi film Dhund Lenge Manzil Hum releasing on 10th October 2014


Mumbai (Oct 4, 2014): Kalyan Jana who is a orphan and stays on footpath and earlier used to pick rag from road has made a Hindi film Dhund Lenge Manzil Hum on issue of orphans in India. He has casted real orphans and new faces-Dharmendra Singh, Sebetina Reddy, Neha Bansal for film and shot the film on all real locations of Mumbai. Kalyan Jana is known to all school and colleges as he teaches dance also. Raza Murad, Mushtaq Khan, Ramesh Goyal and Birbal worked in his film free of cost. His film is produced by SKMH Films productions and Darshnik Mumbai Newspaper. R Gautam has directed the film with music of Vaishnov Deva.

The Tag line of the movie itself gives the whole message about the movie, this whole movie play around  five orphan kids life who suffers from various kind of illness & disability, but after the initiative of one of NGO’s they reached their MANZIL.

Through this movie (DHUND LENGE MANZIL HUM) Producer wants to give a message that a small effort or initiative by an individual or society can change life of many orphan children. In the traditional country like India with the population of 1.25 crore, if we want & participate for small contribution then our country will not have single orphan & uneducated children. So we need to come forward to help them & save their life and who are all ready donating they also need to ensure the correct use of their donations. If we all pledge & come forward all together then we will be the part of the “One India, Great India” & it will be a big milestone for all of us. This movie will release on 10th October 2014. Get ready to do something for the orphan children of our country.