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New age director venturing in the Marathi cinemas


Mumbai (Jan. 31, 2015): Neha Rajpal Productions is in the preproduction phase of her first Marathi film. As announced before in the form of minimal digital poster the one liner of the film is based on "Identical Twin sisters falling in love with the same boy and how the fun comedy and romance grows in the back drop of a college life".

Story is written by Dr Akash Rajpal and Omkar Mangesh Datta. After the story was locked it was a big challenge that who would give justice to this fun loving romantic comedy screenplay. Eventually it was Vijay Maurya and Yogesh Joshi who were roped in to write the screenplay and dialogues. Since both writers are highly acclaimed and award winning writers the producers were sure that it will be a winning script. Yogesh Joshi is a highly acclaimed writer of films like Mumbai Meri Jaan and Tendulkar Out known for sensitive writing whereas Maurya has received national award for writing fun film Chillar Party.

The challenge for the producers took another step ahead to identify appropriate director for this unique script. After a long brain storming Neha Rajpal Productions decided to offer direction to writer himself, Vijay Maurya as he is already a well known director in Ad world. Vijay Maurya gladly accepted the offer making his debut as a director for feature film. Vijay Maurya is known for his acting in critically acclaimed film like Anurag Kashyaps Black Friday, Nishakant Kamats Mumbai Meri Jaan and several commercials. Since Maurya has directed so many big brands commercials he is a very well known director in Advertising world.

It's interesting to find out that Vijay’s first directed ad was a marathi one with actors like Adesh Bandekar, Vibhavari Dixit and Sonali Kulkarni. He has closely worked with directors like Anurag Kashyap and Imtiaz Ali.

When asked why he wanted to start his journey of directing feature film with a marathi film and not a Hindi film? He replied candidly saying, “The script is a winner and marathi cinema has a audience who have a taste of good cinema and rich content. With so many marathi movies doing so well at the box office there is hardly difference on the glamour quotient and success between marathi and Hindi cinema. It's the story and sensible producers that has attracted me to debut direct with this film and I’m very happy about presenting an emotional sensitive fun loving fresh movie this year."

Neha Rajpal has been sharing her preproduction news about the writers and whatsapp campaign through various digital platforms. Rohan Mapuskar is the casting director of the film. After casting for blockbusters like 3Idiots, Munna Bhai series and PK, this movie will be Rohan’s first marathi film as a casting director. A unique campaign of Whatsapp actors’ talent hunt was also announced for searching new fresh faces. The campaign received a huge response too. One the most important role is being played by veteran actress Vandana Gupte. 

Each one in the industry as well as audience are looking closely on the development of this marathi film which will stand on the foundation of two known artist collaborating with each other as Producer and Director.