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DJs blazed the floor as actors performed at New Year eve party

Mumbai (Jan. 01, 2015): Prashant Dhamankar, Yogesh Lakhani of Bright Outdoor and Jignesh Bhuta of Hitech Events planned their first New Year eve event at Juhu where four djs, four singers and three performed. Tinaa Ghaai, Marisa Verma, Sanchiti Sakat, Sejal Mandavia, Swaroop Bhalwankar, Esha Aroraa, DJ Krazy Kat, DJ Meet, DJ Jazleen and DJ Nipon performed for the event. More than 2,000 people enjoyed the event. DJ Krazy Kat, Sejal Mandavia, Marisa Verma and Sanchiti Sakat performed first time on New Year event. Everyone wished happy New Year to each other.