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Puja Ballutia displays her passion for writing in her upcoming release Titoo MBA


Mumbai (Nov. 17, 2014): In a world full of noise, it is a daunting task to get people to actually read what you write. Perhaps, it takes more than good content or great design, Puja Ballutia exhibits her passion for writing in her upcoming release Titoo MBA.

Vesting her interest in writing and acting Puja Ballutia marks her debut as a writer in soon-to-be-releasing Titoo MBA. There is a keen sense of freshness and youthfulness in her writing. Perhaps, that comes from the magic of good soulful line of thoughts and fresh new age of writers exploring their credentials. Holding a penchant for writing Puja Ballutia has penned story, screenplay and dialogues for Titoo MBA along with the director of the film Amit Vats.

Having worked as a Creative Director in Titoo MBA, she explores the craft of film making to the fullest, showcasing nothing but sheer brilliance of Puja who left no stone unturned to follow her dreams and be a self made woman, what she is today.  

Words seeping in like poetry adding substance to the script, Puja Ballutia elaborates her passion and zeal she posses towards writing, “Writing is my hobby since childhood which I want to persue full time. Being an actor as well when I write it helps me to understand the actor’s point of view” she” she exclaims.

Discussing the USP of the film script, she gave her heart and soul to; Puja explains “I write keeping the film budget, backdrop, & actors in mind. Like when you go to buy a T Shirt you choose from the size Small, Medium & Large plus from minimum 3 choice of colors. I write the same story with 3 different backdrops & 3 budgets from minimum 2 Cr, 10 Cr & 20 Cr budget. I am absolutely looking forward to contribute to Hindi Cinema with content-based Film Scripts”.

Indulging into details an elated Puja revels “I am extremely excited about Titoo MBA and looking forward to the response from the audience. With the best wishes of my family & friends I have 2 more films in pipeline, we’ll have an official announcement from the makers soon”.