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Purvi Mundada of Nisha Aur Uske Cousins Visits Pune


Talks about the show and her upcoming on-screen marriage track

Pune (Sept 17, 2014): Nisha Aur Uske Cousins is a show that not only captures the unexplored and extremely interesting dynamic between cousins, but also deals with issues of today's youth and their desire to challenge stereotypes. The young & talented actress from PunePurviMundada who plays the character of Dolly visited her hometown for a promotional activity. She was in town to speak about the current track, her on-screen character and her experience on working for her debut television show.

Speaking about her upcoming track on the show, PurviMundadasaid, “I am extremely excited to be in Pune today, especially to talk about a show that is close to my heart – NishaAurUske Cousins. My character Dolly is getting married on the show and all the 3 generations of the household have an all-together different point of view on everything pertaining to Dolly’s marriage- from clothes to décor and food to rituals.While Dadaji wants a traditional yet grand marriage, the cousins want a modern touch to the marriage. The middle generation understands the importance of both- traditional and modern. Balancing between all the 3 generations and giving a solution which makes all the 3 generations happy is Nisha- our pillar of strength.’

Very few people know that Purvi is the youngest choreographer in Pune. Trained in classical and western dance Purvi always wanted to act. After doing a few advertisements, Purvi has got her big break in NishaAuruske Cousins. Commenting further on her character in the show, Purvi said, “A firm believer in love & romance, Dolly is a one man woman. She considers herself to be a fashion icon and loves to shop. Since she is getting married soon, she is given a lot of love in her last few days of living in her own house. Materialistic by nature, Dolly wants a picture perfect wedding. ”

Based in a joint-family set-up in Jaipur, NishaAurUske Cousins brings to the viewers a bunch of interesting motley characters who are relatable and real – whether it is the shy romantic geeky cousin, the beautiful attention-seeking cousin or the cousin who is the natural leader and who everyone looks up to – each character has been beautifully etched and detailed out. The story revolves around how despite living in a patriarchal system, each one of them wants to break free to achieve what is unconventional and not stereotypical in a traditional family, which should surely resonate with today’s youth.