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“You are only Raffe from Private Investigator, where is Mrinal?” ask Mrinal Dutt’s friends


Mumbai (Jan. 08, 2015): It is not uncommon when an actor portraying one character, he is usually identified by his on screen name. A similar case in bearing is Mrinal Dutt who plays the role of Raffe Roy Chaudhary in STAR Plus’ Private Investigator. The actor is so involved with his shoot and spending time understanding Raffe, he has now started behaving like his on screen character.

Mrinal says, “My friends have started addressing me as Raffe and have categorically told me that I am invited to a gathering or a party only if I behave as Mrinal and not Raffe. They have now started fearing my Raffe side and are slightly irritated that I tend to be over analytical in everything that happens around me, just like Raffe. I have been living Raffe’s life day in and out and this was bound to happen. But my friends are now complaining and I don’t know what to do.”

But isn’t this a boon rather a bane Mrinal?