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Alia Bhatt's onscreen Brother Rajesh becomes Hero with "KABAB MEIN HADDI"


Mumbai (Oct 22, 2014): Rajesh Parasher, who played Alia Bhatt’s brother in 'Akshay Kumar - Preity Zinta starrer 'Sangharsh', is making his debut as Ist Hero in Hindi Movie 'KABAB MEIN HADDI' directed by Rabinder Parasher is releasing on this DIWALI 24th October 2014.

Rajesh Parasher, born and brought up in Chandigarh came to Mumbai to become Assistant Director to Mahesh Bhatt. His dream came true and he joined Mahesh Bhatt Camp as an Asstt. Director in 'Sangharsh'- It was during the shooting of ‘Sangharsh’, when Mahesh Bhatt asked him to play Alia Bhatt's brother, who is a Sikh boy terrorist.

Rajesh Parasher and Alia Bhatt's Brother - Sister chemistry was appreciated by both masses and classes in ‘Sangharsh’. Even on the sets of 'Sangharsh', Rajesh Parasher and Alia Bhatt shared a very warm relation. Also Akshay Kumar and Preity Zinta applauded Rajesh-Alia’s on-screen bonding. 

Rajesh feels very proud today that his sister Alia Bhatt is a superstar in Bollywood today.