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Razzakar all set to unfold new pages of history


First time ever a marathi film based on the true hair raising incidences of post Independent India

Mumbai (Jan. 17, 2015): As a citizen of India, each person is well aware of his Indian history; especially the freedom struggle and India partition during 1947. But there are handful of people who can share the important incidences of post Independent India.  With an intention to create awareness amongst today’s youth, Karrm Movies has taken an initiative to produce a movie ‘Razzakar’, the best known medium to reach the masses.

On Friday, the production house announced its first Marathi movie to media in the presence of the entire team of Razzakar. The movie revolves around post Independent India, 1948 and the struggle beyond Britishers. The atrocities by the communal group Razzakars on the common people and activities against Independent India and Indian Government was spreading like fire across Marathwada, Telangana and part of Karnataka in 1947-48. There were brutal occurrences which were put on hold in September 1948 but are till-date untold. The end of Hyderabad Mukti Sangram and Razzakars truly made India an Independent one country in 1948.   

First time ever, Siddharth Jadhav the lead of the movie Razzakar will be seen in a different role. It’s a story of Hari (Siddharth Jadhav), a common village boy turning into a true freedom fighter on the background of Hyderabad Mukti Sangram. We’ll see various shades of Siddharth with his co-stars offering equally strong performance like negative character played by actor Zakhir Hussian, his mother’s character well enacted by Jyoti Subhash. Siddharth and Jyoti have shared the screen for the first but the bonding of son and mother speaks completely different and will leave each one speechless.   

On this occasion captain of the ship director and writer Raj Durge said, “This is not just a film but a true story I’ve grown with. I’ve been listening these stories since my childhood from my father and grandfather. My father is one of those great fighters who bravely fought against Razzakars. This film will depict few real situations people have suffered during post Independence but certainly with an additional commercial and entertaining element.”

Adding further producer Satish Pillangwad, Karrm Movies said, “I was always inclined towards film industry. During my college days around 20 years I and Raj use to chat on very lighter notes and promised to make movies in future. Today is the day that Raj came to me with a wonderful story and without wasting a moment I agreed to produce the same. We have been together for years and I wish that we always come together offering many more such quality cinemas.”

The film is Directed and Written by Raj Durge, Produced by Satish Pillangwad (Karrm Movies), Director of Photography (DOP) Aniket Khandagle, Art Director Narendra Bhagat, Action Director Kaushal Moses, Costume by Meenal Desai and Make-up Vijay Patil.   

The film is all set to hit theaters across Maharashtra on February 27, 2015.