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Ashutosh Gowariker who has co-written and produced ‘Everest’ loves SaasBahu serials


Mumbai (Sept 22, 2014): Noted filmmaker AshutoshGowariker who has teamed up with Star Plus for his magnum opus television series ‘Everest’ thinks that saasbahu serials have a lot drama and twists in the story-line. Gowariker watches saasbahu serials and believes that the content is very high on drama and entertainment and that is the reason why the audiences follow them and they get some enviable TRPs. Apart from the ratings these shows go on for the longest and have a very loyal fan base.

AshutoshGowariker recently unveiled the first look and the crew of the much awaited television series ‘Everest’ which has been co-written and produced by him. The back-ground score for Everest has been composed by AR Rahman. Ashutosh believes that developing content for the small screen is very challenging as the medium is always evolving and is often fast paced unlike films. It is also believed that he is all set to produce more television series and is currently liking his stint on the small screen as a producer.

“I love saasbahu serials and watch them regularly. These serials have a cult following and there is a lot of drama, emotion and entertainment when you talk about the content. Television is a very exciting medium and challenging too, there is a lot of scope to experiment and learn. It is completely different to develop content for the small screen as the medium is very dynamic. Currently I am exploring television as a medium and hopefully you will be seeing more of me and my shows on the small screen.” Said AshutoshGowariker during the launch of the first look and crew unveil of his new show Everest which is slated to go on air on Star Plus.

Everest is the story of a 21 year old girl Anjali who has decided to summit the tallest mountain in the world in order to gain her father’s love and acceptance. Everest is symbolic of every individual’s struggle and we wanted to showcase a story that can relate to everyone.