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STAR Plusí Sandhya shoots for an action sequence despite Navratri fast!


Mumbai (Oct 1, 2014): A firm believer of Goddess Durga, Deepika Singh who plays the role of Sandhya Rathi in Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum has been observing a fast for the past nine days. However, the actress who plays the role of an IPS officer has to shoot for an intense action sequence even during the nine days.

She says, "In the course of my fast last year, I had an event where I had to perform and host as well. But I kept pushing myself as it helps better my will power, too. This year, since I am performing strenuous stunts, fasting simultaneously might take a toll on my health. I won't break my fast, but won't let the show suffer either. If I feel my health is affecting the show, I will resume eating regular food."

Interestingly, Deepika also had to shoot a hospital sequence, as the show has her character being admitted to a hospital after being shot at. "I had fasted the whole day long and I did look weak. Since it was a hospital scene I did not have to use make up for that particular scene as well.”

The current track focuses on Sandhya’s mission to unearth RK’s (Gaurav Sharma) real intentions. With the introduction of Maya (Gurdeep Kohli) as an accomplice to RK, Will RK succeed in fooling Sandhya and completing his Operation Grehan? Or Will Sandhya find out RK’s real intention?