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Baldev shoots despite injury for STAR Plusí Veera


Mumbai (Nov. 4, 2014): Injuries during a shoot is not too uncommon these days with the young brigade of actors. Given the pressure to shoot back to back and create a bank of episodes, actors usually have to forget the pain and give it their best shot. One such actor who had to bear the pain is Vishal Vashishtha who plays the character of Baldev in STAR Plus’ Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera.

In a recent action sequence that required him to fight the goons, the actor accidentally sprained his left ankle. Vishal who is known to be injury prone on the set sprained his left ankle but continued to shoot to be able to create a bank of episodes.

Vishal says, “Everyone on the set is aware of my sprained left ankle. It seems like it is jinxed as I keep hurting my left ankle during action or chase sequences. This has happened to me thrice already. The production crew is extremely helpful and I do not let these things hamper my shoot. I am dedicated to completing my scenes on time.”

Kudos to Vishal for the commitment!