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Sanjeev Kapoor salutes the spirit of Dabbawallas of Mumbai on Republic Day


Mumbai (Jan. 27, 2015): Amidst the parades and fun and frolic happening in Mumbai on account of Republic day, STAR Plus’ MasterChef India-4 decided to join in the festive and patriotic mood and honor the spirit of Dabbawallas of Mumbai with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Again a Judge for this season of MasterChef, Sanjeev Kapoor reached the Dabbawalla association at Dadar to feed the hands that feed our mouths everyday by making sure our meals reach us on time.

MasterChef which is all Veg this season, brings back our favourite Chef, Sanjeev Kapoor. He comments, "I only make food but the other part of my job is done by these Dabbawallas who make our food reach the mouths of the people. They don't just do the role of delivery, they take the food out of the kitchen and make it reach the stomach. I am proud and honored to do the delivery of food for these Dabbawallas today and I salute their spirit and hard work. These Dabbawallas are the backbone of the population of Mumbai and may they continue to be for a lifetime".

Sanjeev Kapoor says, "What better way to celebrate Republic Day than by honoring the Dabbawallas who need the utmost salute for a job well done even on rainy days". Even the food Cooked in the MasterChef kitchen this season doesn't go waste, it is fed to the crew members as the right place for this food is the stomach and not the bin.