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Aashka Goradia dons the hat of a photographer for her best friend Kanica’s pre baby photo-shoot


Mumbai (Feb. 04, 2015): Kanica Maheshwari who is expecting a baby is very happy. The actress who had a full-fledged Godh Bharai sequence on screen by the cast of Diya Aur Baati Hum recently had a photo-shoot in real life. As the pre baby photo-shoot is the next trend among pregnant parents, Kanica was also not behind in getting one for herself.

Luckily, Kanica didn’t have to go through the hassle of looking for a photographer. Her good friend Aashka Goradia came forward to help the lovely couple to get a perfect set of pictures. Kanica who is enjoying the journey to motherhood quipped, “Aashka and I became friends on the sets of another show and now even after the show ran its course, we continue to be the best of friends. I feel extremely blessed for myself and the baby as we have so many people taking care of us. And just when I was thinking of a photo-shoot, Aashka volunteered and I agreed as she is an amazing photographer. I am happy that she removed time for us from her busy schedule and my husband and I are extremely excited for the baby to come”.

We agree that it’s really sweet of Aashka to volunteer to don the hat of a photographer to capture all the special moments for the mother to be. And life is off course better when you are having double celebrations, in real and reel life! We wish all the happiness and smiles to the glowing couple.