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Priyansh Jora has a minor mishap while shooting for Tu Mera Hero


Mumbai (Feb. 10, 2015): Actor Priyansh Jora who plays the male lead Titu in Star Plus’ TuMera Hero is all set to don a sehara on the show as the track moves towards the wedding of Titu and Panchi. While shooting a very important scene for the wedding track, Priyansh got a jhatka, literally!

The aforementioned scene required Titu and Panchi to climb on a rath which was decorated with flowers and lights. As the actors were all set to step on the rath, the lights were switched on and the actor happened to touch the edge of the rath while he was waiting for the director to ready the shot, he was thrown off his feet after a powerful jolt. Later while the production house examined the rath they found a loose connection in the wiring which resulted in Priyansh suffering a mild electric shock. Thankfully a major accident was averted and the actor got out of it unscathed.

PriyanshJora who plays Titu on the show said, “Sonia and I were rehearsing for the scene while we waited for the director to set up the shot, suddenly my leg touched the seat behind and there was a jolt that ran through my body and I was thrown off my feet. The next thing I remember was being helped out of the rath as my limbs had gone numb. I was immediately attended to and the production people told me that I had suffered a shock as the rath had a loose wire hanging nearby. I really thank my stars that it was not a major accident.”

Let us see what the on-going wedding preparations and the festivity mood in the air has in store for Titu and Panchi on TuMera Hero!