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Lokmanya Ek Yugapurush (Lokmanya Man of the Age)


The film encompasses the journey of a young boy from his early days to becoming the legend - “Father of Indian Unrest” thus inspiring generations to come. Nailing hard the message that when it comes to systems and social situation today, everyday comes as a new difficulty, problem; however, when looked at the same through Lokmanya’s eyes, it’s nothing but a challenge and hence a new opportunity, an opportunity that opens into development and progress of our nation, India. This should inspire the young generation to head towards their dreams and embrace the way of “The Lokmanya”. The film “Lokmanya” discovers the ideals and vision of the great freedom fighter, comments on the socio-political situation of today’s India and how it can be improved using his messages that were delivered over a century ago, unraveling the legend.