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Bruna Abdullah & Vikram Phadnis announced Madame Style Week at Sofitel Hotel

Mumbai (Oct 29, 2014): Rajesh and Akhil Jain, owner of Madame brand invited actress Model Bruna Abdullah to inaugurate the Madame Style Week which will happen on 19th Novenber in Gurgaon and finale in Mumbai on 22nd November. They also invited other stylist and media for the event.

Rajesh and Akhil Jain of MSW says that “Fashion Changes but style endures” and we are about to change the way Fashion events happen around the globe. Designers have always been the face of major Fashion Events around the globe, but this time we are going to turn the table around by bringing the stylist in front. Our vision is to bring the stylist into limelight which has never been done before. A Stylist is been said as the behind the stage magician always.. he is the one responsible for the entire image and outlook of their clients, the one who are qualified to convert a popper to a princess. 

Style week, hence is all about the visual communication of a Stylist, show creativity as well as cultivate literary style so as to interpret the soul of an article of clothing and communicate it through a unique style through the fashion sense of a stylist. Style week has selected the top best stylists of India viz.

1) Vikram Phadnis
2) Ken Ferns
3) Nirali Mehta
4) Moet Brar
5) Esha Amin
6) Mitali Ambekar
7) Sanjana Batra
8) Missa More ( Kannan Poddar & Greeshma Shetty)

The show will include the elaboration of a particular style through the construction of a total outlook and capture it in order to trademark the unique style of a particular stylist. The stylists in the show will define the winning combination of component parts for an image that is needed to emphasize the style of a brand, a magazine or a person.