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Students of “IITC Institute Global Careers Since 1966” exhibited their fashion and style capabilities

Mumbai (Dec. 23, 2014): The graduate students of “IITC Institute Global Careers since 1966” celebrated the culmination of their journey and announce the beginning of their professional life at a mega annual event, in Mumbai on 22nd December 2014.

The fashionable extravaganza took place at one of the plush hotels of town. It rained fashion when renowned singer of Bollywood Sukhwinder Singh cheered and motivated the  students for a bright and fashionable future and sang "fashion ka hai yeh jalwa"

While they flaunt the tiara of fame and popularity Ms. Meher Castelino, Mr.Ashley Rebello & Rohit Verma, Amy Billimoria, Dr. Ruby Tandon were the special guests for the glamorous evening offering high dose of fashion, glamour, glitz and magic.

Umesh pherwani was the host for the evening wearing a red suit exhibiting the Christmas feel in the air.

The fashion show hosted by the students of “IITC Institute Global Careers since 1966” witnessed crème-de-la-crème crowd from tinsel town in the presence of eminent guests comprising of Kavitta Verma wearing a beautiful outfit by Ohila Khan, Aditya Rajput Singh, Dr.Ruby Tandon ,Jassi kaur, Aneel Murarka and Prashant Sharma 

Taking fashion and notch higher and redefining the latest trends, the students gear up to give a heavy dose of glamor exhibiting assortment collection of timeless drapes, hues and casual attire with glitterati from fashion world comprising of Candice Pinto, Aanchal Kumar, Alesia Raut, Shawar Ali & Rajneesh Duggal from the fashion world walked the runway.

Offering a slew of sartorial designs, the students walking on the Ramp have solely designed the garments for the elite fashion show under the guidance of panel of expertise which included Mrs. Neha Urval and Mrs. Rina Urval both wearing the hat of Directors IITC and Head IITC’s Fashion Designing branch.

It was a double whammy when rained fashion at the “IITC Institute Global Careers Since 1966” fashion show when both the designer and the model will turn heads walking the runway with dramatic looks and fine designs.

Sukhwinder Singh on being an integral part of the event elatedly says “These students are the future of fashion. Drama, elegance and style were synonyms to the fashion show. I have attended and been a part of several fashion shows but this was fashion to a different level. I am honored and glad to be a part of the extravaganza”.

Mr. Vikrant Urval, the director of “IITC Institute Global Careers since 1966”, mentions “IITC is probably the only institute that gives the students chance to design and walk on the ramp with professional models. Year after year IITC organizes the fashion show for students graduating from IITC as they will get hands on practical experience on designing garments for show, this experience of designing will directly enhance their future career prospects. To support their cause our guest Ms Meher Castelino, Ashley Rebello & Rohit Verma offer internships to worthy students on regular basis”

The Graduate students of “IITC Institute Global Careers Since 1966” bought a wave of fresh and brand new fashion but in innovative and dramatic style. The evening witnessed the glitterati of new age fashion and the student’s take on the latest trends of vibrant hues and flattering fabrics.

 “IITC Institute Global Careers Since 1966” is one of the premier profession-oriented educational institutes in India since 1966. We offer training in Fashion, Travel and Hospitality and Management related fields. As a part of the Fashion Design course curriculum we organize Fashion Shows annually. These events provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their talent in Designing subjects.

The entire objective of this show is to give our students, who are budding fashion designers, a platform to showcase their talents and get a taste of their chosen industry. Thereby augment their growth and make them winners in life. Our Guest List is limited only to our Invitees, student designers, their Family members & friends. Your active support will give tremendous confidence and encouragement to the budding young designers who will showcase their collection.