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Kashmira Antia wins Mrs. Commonwealth International Asia Pacific Crown title 2014-2015


Pune (Nov. 29, 2014): Gorgeous Kashmira Antia from Pune made India proud by winning Mrs. Commonwealth International Asia Pacific Crown title 2014-2015, which was held in London on Nov. 15th, 2014. Kashmira was invited by the Canadian delegation to participate in this Pagent under the mentorship of Mr. Aspi (Asphandiar) Wadiwalla, Executive Director, UNIP Inc. CA. She also received citation from the House of Commons for participating in this Pageant.

When asked Kashmira about her experience when she won the title, she replied “It was a proud moment for me when India’s national anthem was played.” She also expressed her gratitude towards Mr. Aspi Wadiwalla.

Commonwealth International Beauty Pageants is a charitable organization which brings together beauty pageants to select ambassador for a charitable purpose, promoting cultural awareness, racial harmony, and unity among the nations.