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Zest your taste buds with food from the Royal State of India Rajasthan at JW Marriott Hotel Pune


Pune (Jan, 13, 2015): With all the newness of 2015 in the air, J W Marriott, Pune enters this New Year with a treat for food lovers in the city. The pure vegetarian restaurant 'Shakahari' of this star property re-invents its menu in a very unique way where the patrons will get a taste of the regional Indian food in the world of Asian cuisine. The only vegetarian restaurant within a star property of the city which serves Pan Asian food plans to offer different Indian Cuisines to all the foodies by organizing regional Asian and Indian food festivals every 15 days in a month. The season's starting fest will be of Rajasthani Cuisine to be served for dinner starting from 11th January to 24th January 2015. What could be a better way to welcome the year 2015?

"The whole concept of this menu re-invention and arranging Food Festivals every month of different Indian Cuisines is basically to offer the newness of Indian flavors to the gourmets. The splendid array of unique, rich, spicy and colorful Indian food will surely appeal to your palate and are bound to captivate your taste buds", said Chef Ajmal Salim, Executive Chef of JW Marriott on the occasion at the presence of Chef Penisiri Pattanchaeng, Head Chef of The Shakahari.

The popular and mouth watering dishes like Shahi Govind Gatta Curry, Dal, Bati, Churma, Keri Methi Ki Kalonji, Laal Mirch Paneer Tikka,methi Makai Tikki, Moong Dal Wade, Aloo Tilwale, Ker Sangari will treat to one's palate. To top it all Shakahari also has largest collection of Vegan Wines that goes really well with such delicious food along with more than 20 varieties of Ice Teas to refresh you.

"The use of milk, yogurt or buttermilk and lentils and legumes keep its nutritional value high while giving it rich flavors and exotic aroma. Rajasthani style of cooking not only mirrors wealth & prosperity of the region but also reflects their traditional warrior lifestyle and scarcity of water and fresh ingredients ", added Chef Bhura Lal.

So one must visit to 'Shakahari' in order to enjoy and relish on its key featured Rajasthani Dishes and delight your palates at JW Marriott Hotel Pune.