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The Westin Pune Koregaon Park gears up for a magical Christmas with a traditional Cake Mixing Ceremony

Pune (Oct 14, 2014): The evening was received with great cheer as The Westin Pune Koregoan Park hosted its annual Cake Mixing Ceremony to celebrate and begin the joyous festival of Christmas. Children of all ages, teens and adults were present to enjoy the ceremony and everyone had a gala time participating in their enthralling event, as Westin Pune was among the first to bring the Christmas cheers to the city.

There was a big graffiti wall put up where guests wrote down all their wishes for the year ahead. Kids got to pen down their Christmas wishes for Santa as well, asking for anything and everything they could ever imagine! This was a good opportunity for parents to see what their children asked for so that they could fulfill all their little dreams. A special kid’s activity of Cupcake Mixing with Chef Pepe was carried out which was surely a great hit amongst the younger ones.  Guests and children were dressed in aprons and chef caps to fit the role of cake mixing after which, each one took part in the making of the 1200lb giant Christmas cake. It was a great experience for all present there to witness the humongous cake and to be a part of all the mania that took place through the making. By the end of the day around 90ltrs of alcohol was used with 170kgs of dry fruits and candy.

There was fun, frolic, laughter and joy all around and guests enjoyed every bit of the magical journey Westin put up for them. Sweet, candy, cake and presents made every child’s dream come true. All kids left with twinkling eyes and a great big smile while parents left feeling satisfied and proud.

General manager Sujeet Kumar added, "Christmas is no fun without the traditional Christmas cake. Making such a big cake is not an easy task. The preparation begins well in advance. The first step is the mixing and is believed to be a forerunner of good things and happiness."