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Air Asia QZ8501: Body recovered with life-jacket on from flight debris


Jakarta (Dec. 31, 2014): Questions were raised after one body from the crashed Air Asia Flight QZ8501 was recovered on Wednesday with its life jacket on, as informed by Indonesia's search and rescue agency.

Sources in the agency said one of the four bodies recovered on Wednesday morning was wearing a life jacket although they refused to speculate what that could mean.

Meanwhile, fully-clothed bodies suggested that the plane was intact at the time of hitting the water and could have suffered an aerodynamic stall. Aviation experts said that the debris of the flight seemed fairly contained which suggested that the plane broke up into pieces only after hitting the water.

The rescue authorities are believed to have found the wreckage of the crashed aircraft on the ocean bed off Borneo after sonar tracked a large, dark object beneath waters where the debris and bodies were seen floating on the water surface.

Flight QZ8501 disappeared soon after taking off from Surabaya in Indonesia for Singapore and could not be traced. The pilots of the plane had sought permission from the Indonesian air traffic control due to bad weather and the plane lost control thereafter. A massive search operation was launched to trace the aircraft.

On Tuesday, bodies and debris from the crashed aircraft were spotted and the recovery mission took off.

Airbus, the world's leading aircraft manufacturer said the Indian authorities had informed them about locating the accident site and and the company expressed sympathy for all those who were affected by the tragedy.

Meanwhile, the USA pledged additional aid to search for the missing AirAsia aircraft. High waves and wind were causing immense difficulty for the rescue officials in continuing with the search operation.