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China dismisses plans to cut 8 lakh troops as strategy to reform world's largest military


Beijing (29th August, 2014): China has dismissed as mere speculation the reports that it plans to cut eight lakh troops as part of a strategy to reform the world's largest military.

China's defence ministry spokesperson told media on Friday that many reports related to national defence and military reform are mere speculation and asked the world not to overly interpret them. 

Asked if the People's Liberation Army (PLA) is to cut 800,000 military personnel, the spokesperson said the speculation is actually about reforming China's 2.3 million strong military and national defence system. He noted that the reform is a systematic project that needs overall planning and a steady push.

Currently, related military departments are researching major issues concerned with the reform, he said, without revealing further details.

According to a white paper published in April 2013 by the ministry, China has a total of 2.3 million military personnel.

According to the decision of the ruling the Communist Party of China on major issues of deepening reform, the scale and structure of the PLA should be modernised by cutting the number of non-combat personnel in the military. 

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