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Foreign Secretary Hammond expresses concern following resignations of Yemen’s President and Cabinet


Jan. 24, 2015: Philip Hammond calls for all sides to refrain from violence and resolve differences through peaceful dialogue.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said:

“I am deeply concerned by the serious deterioration in the situation in Yemen. Despite the very serious challenges now facing the country, the British Government continues to believe that a stable, united, democratic and prosperous Yemen would be the best future for the country. As long as the security situation allows, we will continue to work in Yemen, as well as internationally, to realise this.

“We believe all Yemenis should be represented in a legitimate, transparent political transition with a clear timetable. This should be based on the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference, the Peace and National Partnership Agreement and the remaining tasks of the transition, as set out in the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative, including a constitution, referendum and elections.

“Yemen faces enormous humanitarian and security challenges, including the threat from Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. All sides should refrain from violence and intimidation and resolve their differences through peaceful dialogue.”