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Lawmaker filmed sobbing: Japan crying lawmaker sparks pay cuts


Tokyo (Sept 22, 2014): A provincial Japanese assembly, made globally famous when a lawmaker was filmed sobbing over his alleged misuse of public funds, cut politicians' allowances Monday.

Ryutaro Nonomura brought infamy on Hyogo prefecture for the performance in which he was quizzed by journalists over allegations he had claimed thousands of dollars for fictional business trips.

Mr Nonomura is suspected of misusing eight million yen ($92,000) that he said was spent on hundreds of visits to resorts and other venues for work-related events, but for which he could not produce receipts, local media reported.

Footage of the middle-aged assemblyman, who has reportedly admitted misusing public money to police, went viral. It showed him crying uncontrollably and banging his fists on a desk as tears streamed down his face.